Goodbye, 2023 • Rayaworx Mallorca




Goodbye, 2023 • Rayaworx Mallorca

What was going on at the coworking space in Santanyí? What did COWOXU Mallorca’s consulting support? Which projects did the two of them initiate or push forward? The two hosts Doris & Rainer look back and say bye, 2023 Rayaworx Mallorca …

for this eventful and sometimes challenging year with you! As the founding couple of COWOXU Mallorca and coworking hosts of Rayaworx Santanyí, we are happy to take you with us on our look back to 2023. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

May the 4th be with you
May the 4th be with you 🙂

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Overview Goodbye, 2023 • Rayaworx Mallorca

Coworking Rayaworx Mallorca

  • Now in its ninth year, there are still many people who are getting to know Rayaworx in Santanyí for the first time. Over the last couple of months, a lot has changed in our village on the outskirts of the island. Many travellers or Mallorca residents from Europe as well as the USA have only just arrived in our region.
  • This year, we learnt about a new way of joining a coworking community: Three couples in a row each shared a ticket and rotated working at our space.
  • Since May, a coworking parent couple has been working at a fixed desk, which they alternate with their desk at home.
Rayaworx Pop-Up Art Space
Rayaworx Coworking Santanyí

Virtual Coworking

  • We’ve been hosts of the virtual coworking community since 2021 – we’re delighted that we can continue to enjoy a wonderful co-working experience in the feel-good clan.
  • Over the course of the year, we looked for and found a new digital home for the group. The move to an environment with more community comfort is complete.
  • As started last year, Doris is volunteering to support the planning and implementation of the German Coworking Federation’s monthly Coworking online network meetings.
coLUNCH im cowirkspace
coLUNCH im cowirkspace

Book about Workation Mallorca

  • The eBook „Heiter bis wolkig in Digitalien“ (Sunny with a chance of clouds in Digitalia) by Doris was launched in March 2023. New work, digitisation, future skills, current challenges and explanations of various methods – all in entertaining novel format. This was followed in April by the 396-page printed edition, which is printed to order with tolino media via bookshops.
  • Doris met many familiar faces from her time in Munich at her reading in the coworking space combinat56.
  • With photos of the novel’s settings on Mallorca, we published the chapter „Den Wind in den Haaren“ as a video – narrated by Rainer.
  • Doris was invited by the NetzAndWork collective to read from her novel.
  • At the moment Doris is writing the sequel about the new main character „Fiona“ with appearances of familiar faces from the first book – stay tuned.
Coworking Novel by DoSchu
a Coworking Novel


  • We offered monthly Workation Q&A sessions, which received less demand than in previous years: There is now much more information available – as well as an Online Salon talk on Workation & Labour Legislation!
  • Workation with a kick: Almond Blossoms & Negotiation with coaching and tips from negotiation expert Claudia Kimich.
  • Livestreams
    • Online Salon-Livestreams by Doris with changing guests and topics
    • Newly launched: toolXplorers by Doris with Christopher (wexelwirken) on useful digital tools – first season with 5 episodes focussing on tools ‚Made in Europe‘
  • For the second time, we opened our coworking space for art at Canal’Art Santanyí: At the art night, Shobhana Tyroller exhibited some of her works with us. From there, we developed the Pop-Up Art Space, which can be used flexibly by artists.
  • We have been waiting a long time for Georg Reygers to publish his exciting book. He spoke about his adventures during the three-year sea voyage with Ingrid and their three small children at the reading in our space.
  • Doris‘ November Online Writing Club took place for the 3rd time in November.
  • Since December, Doris now offers the new „MiMo ✍️ SchreibClub“ „every damn early Wednesday morning of the week“ – if you like, you can join in at any time.
Pop-Up Art Space • Shobhana Tyroller
Event with artwork by Shobhana Tyroller

Event participation

  • Doris supported the organisation of the 1st VGSD network meeting for self-employed people in Frankfurt/Main and moderated the barcamp.
  • Both Rayaworx hosts travelled to COWORK Conference & Barcamp 2023 in Solingen to exchange ideas and network with other coworking movers and shakers. Doris prepared and moderated the barcamp day together with Beate (Bad Tölz Coworking VisionHochDrei).
  • We were delighted to sponsor the Netzwerkbooster event again as Rayaworx. In addition, Doris worked closely with Ute on the organisational and technical implementation, as she has done at previous online events.
  • Doris was involved in the organisation team for the Audio-only Barcamp for the 3rd time. Rainer gave a session on learnings from his lecture podcast for internal corporate communication.
  • The European Coworking Day took place for the first time in 2023 – we took part with the webinar „Boost your Sales with Presales“ for tech founders in coworking spaces.
  • Doris joined the CoworkationALPS tour and visited coworking communities in rural areas in Bavaria, Austria and South Tyrol. She was fascinated by what is possible when the various players in a region – local government, economic development, tourism and companies – pull together.
  • We had a short journey to the Web Engineering Unconference WEUC in Palma.
  • So nice that, despite the many events in physical space, some barcamps still take place online, where we were able to exchange ideas in sessions (e.g. „Barcamp Training Rethinking: AI Session„).
  • In her presentation at the webgrrls online meeting on Holacracy, Doris read a short passage from her book to set the mood. She also dealt with concepts like this in her business novel.
COWORK Barcamp Coworking Moderation
COWORK Barcamp Coworking Moderation (Photo: Beate Mader)


(All interview podcasts are in German)

School of Presales
School of Presales

School of PreSales

  • The School of PreSales blog on Rainer’s consulting and community offering got a lot of content updates.
  • Rainer has developed courses such as „The beginners guide to Presales“ for the course programme in the community.
  • This was followed in autumn by the launch of the accompanying School of PreSales podcast in English.

Vision Board 2024

In the Vision Board session, you can visualise your personal expectations and perspectives for the new year. As usual, with Year Out instructions from coworker Christine to get you in the mood. The event will take place on December the 28th from 4pm both at Rayaworx and online.

Find out more and register here!

Vision Board 2024 Event Visual
Vision Board 2024 Session

Opening hours between the years

December 2023

  • Closed: 25-27 December 2023
  • Open: 28 & 29 December 2023
  • Event: 28. December 4pm Vision Board 2024 Session (hybrid)

January 2024

  • Open: 2-5 January 2024

Last but not least …

🎄 Driving home for christmas? Get Rainer’s „School of PreSales Podcast“ to listen to …

Greetings from Rayaworx Mallorca

Happy Holidays,
Rayaworx Hosts Doris & Rainer

Cover illustration: Photo by Rayaworx and illustrated with

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