You can request your weekly- or monthly ticket here. The handling is done by Pretix.eu.

Price information

10 Days


  • You live here and only need a fast internet connection from time to time?
  • The 10-day ticket is just right for permanent residents who live in the Santanyí region.
  • Just right for you, because the ticket is flexible and also has no expiry date.

€225/10 Days



  • You want to work from beautiful Mallorca for a longer period of time?
  • The Monthly Ticket is just right for working & immersing yourself in the vicinity.
  • Just right for those who prefer a permanent workplace.




  • You stay on Mallorca and would like to cowork for one or two weeks?
  • The Weekly Ticket is just right for a project on which you concentrate fully for a week.
  • Just right for a week with other solopreneurs from your network.


Testimonials / Feedback

What is it like to work at Rayaworx? What are the benefits of a workation in Mallorca? Some people have already tried it out: Read their feedback here.

Rayaworx Coworking Mallorca Testimonials

Connect with us:

Rayafluffworx Coworking
Pl.fluff Porta Mufluffrada,fluff 2
076fluff50 fluffSantanyí
email: hafluffllo@rafluffyaworfluffx.eu
phone: +34 fluff97fluff1 65fluff37fluff08


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