Hello, #RelaxAndWork!

Workation & Coworking Mallorca

You need some time off and can pursue your professional tasks with smartphone, laptop and internet?

Hey: You don’t have to travel far to Asia to experience Relax & Work: Mallorca is gorgeous, offers lots of nature experiences – and is much closer.

Unlike staying solo in a hotel or finca, you’ll find professional networking and comfortable working facilities in the local coworking community. At Rayaworx Santanyí since May 2015.





Mallorca South-East – more laid-back than Palma or the popular southwest, this region enjoys many nature reserves and natural coastline. Keywords for you are Mondragó, s’Aramador, Cala Llombards, Es Trenc as well as ports like Cala Figuera, Colònia Sant Jordi or Portopetro.

That’s why Santanyí

Beautiful scenery & seaside

Santanyí – pretty little town with a charming original character, 13th century buildings and a market every Wednesday and Saturday.

shhhh 🤫, the sandy beach 🏖 of Cala Santanyí is only 3km away from the Space.

Es Pontàs
mondrago santanyi

Oh, that is beautiful

Juli Wallpaper Rayaworx Mallorca Llaut
Cala Figuera

Immerse yourself instead of rushing through the ‚bucket list‘. Take more time for the surroundings, the people, the culture. Discover the slowness.


Amazing Relaxation

The Santanyí region, with its wild natural beauty, has a decelerating effect and directs the focus to the really important things.

Amazing Internet

Lightning-fast internet connection via fibre optics lets you relax and be productive: 1 Gb/s symmetrical doen’t just sound tempting.

Icons Coffee Talk with DoSchu

Amazing Coworkers

Inspirations, pleasant chats over a cup of coffee or even professional exchange: coworking provides new impulses.

More about the Space

Working with the feel-good atmosphere of a lovingly restored townhouse in the middle of Santanyí – that’s coworking at Rayaworx. Look forward to an owner-managed space with spacious desks, comfortable chairs, powerful internet and a green oasis in the inner courtyard.


Lea aquí algunos testimonios!

Santanyí Townhouse

Team Rayaworx

Coworking • Workation

  • Well-equipped coworking space in central location next to shops, cafés and restaurants.
  • Welcoming hosts, living in the area all year round & confirmed coffee nerds.
  • High-Speed Internet 1 Gb/s symmetrical (fibre optic) & powerful Wi-Fi.
  • Quiet, lushly flowered inner courtyard for relaxing and working. Different workplaces, some with monitors, some desks are standing desks.
  • 2 Telephone booths for taking confidential calls.
  • Environmentally conscious design ambiente with LED lighting and infrared heating.
  • Recommendations for accommodation, catering, recreation on request.

10 Days


  • You live here and only need a fast internet connection from time to time?
  • The 10-day ticket is just right for permanent residents who live in the Santanyí region.
  • Just right for you, because the ticket is flexible and also has no expiry date.

€225/10 Days



  • You want to work from beautiful Mallorca for a longer period of time?
  • The Monthly Ticket is just right for working & immersing yourself in the vicinity.
  • Just right for those who prefer a permanent workplace.




  • You stay on Mallorca and would like to cowork for one or two weeks?
  • The Weekly Ticket is just right for a project on which you concentrate fully for a week.
  • Just right for a week with other solopreneurs from your network.


Meeting • Workshop • Team Office

  • 22 sqm bright feel-good room + direct access to the green inner courtyard
  • Beamer with screen / TV
  • Whiteboard, mobile flipcharts and facilitator’s toolbox
  • High-speed internet (glass fibre) 1 Gb/s symmetrical; powerful WLAN
  • LED lighting and infrared heating
  • Colour printer / laser B/W printer / scanner
  • Catering: on request recommendation and ordering of snacks or lunch buffet
  • Leisure: tips on a wide range of leisure activities


Event – Meeting – Group

  • Network meeting | info event | group or working meeting during regular opening hours
  • Meeting / Team Space with up to 8 participants; minimum of 2 hours
  • Well-lit ambient room with daylight, LED lighting and infrared heating (22 sqm); flexible seating and tables

€30/1 Hour

1 Day


  • Seminar | Training | Meeting | Offsite Meeting or temporary team office on Mallorca
  • 8 hour meeting room / team space with up to 8 people on workdays
  • Well-lit ambient room with daylight, LED lighting and infrared heating (22 sqm); flexible seating and tables


1 Day


  • Seminar | Training | Meeting | Offsite Meeting or temporary team office on Mallorca
  • 8 hour meeting room / team space with up to 8 people on weekends
  • Well-lit ambient room with daylight, LED lighting and infrared heating (22 sqm); flexible seating and tables


Location • Contact


Doris & Rainer Schuppe
COWOXU Mallorca S.L.

Pl. fluffPorta Murada, 2
07fluff650 Santanyífluff

Fon ES: +3fluff4 97fluff1 65fluff37fluff08
Fon DE: +4fluff9 17fluff2 86fluff340fluff77 + WhatsApp

Monday – Friday
9 am – 7 pm*

(Reception until 2 pm )
*only with reservation in advance

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Willkommen • Welcome • Rayaworx Coworking & Workation • Santanyí, Mallorca
Space Tour with Doris


Around Santanyí nature reserves, beaches and more invite you to leisure activities – for example:

Hiking in nature reserves by the sea to hidden coves
Bike tours in the Santanyí region (Cycling Route Map as PDF)
Views to the sea from Consolación and Sant Salvador
Yoga with a variety of styles, levels and languages (ask Doris)

Wings For Live World Run . Mondrago
Rayaworx Mallorca Wallpaper May Preview

For Kids

The Fussicamp Mallorca is a Football Camp for Children. We train children from 6 – 15 years; 5 hours every day from Monday til Friday

For Details please visit: Fussicamp Santanyí / Cala Millor

Mindful walks with Andrea / Yoga La Vida
Running events, for example Palma Marathon
Sailing boat tours or sunset dinner cruieses with Vita Bel
Climbing alongside other opportunities with the challenging Es Pontàs rock arch
Boat trip or kayak rental for example at Red Star Tours Mallorca
SUP Standup Paddeling with the SUP Center Mallorca
Diving and snorkeling for example with MDS My Diving School Mallorca
Motorcylce rental as well as tours and enduro training with Mallorquin Bikes
Fitness center / swimming pool Santanyí: Piscines Santanyi i Cala d’Or
Professional swimming training / swimming holidays at Best Swim Center

Rayaworx Coworking Santanyí

Connect with us:

Rayafluffworx Coworking
Pl.fluff Porta Mufluffrada,fluff 2
076fluff50 fluffSantanyí
email: hafluffllo@rafluffyaworfluffx.eu
phone: +34 fluff97fluff1 65fluff37fluff08


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