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  • 7.-18. • Holiday • Vacaciones

    7.-18. • Holiday • Vacaciones

    We take a holiday • Nos vamos de vacaciones Rayaworx Coworking Santanyí closed • cerrado 7.-18. Aug 2023 If you unexpectedly need a place in a coworking space: Please call these spaces in advance to see if a place is available in… • Si inesperadamente necesitas un lugar en un espacio de coworking: Llame con […]

  • Presales & Startups • euCoworkingDay

    Presales & Startups • euCoworkingDay

    picked a topic for an online session that doesn’t seem to be related to coworking at first glance: Presales. Well, it suits the first European Coworking Day!

  • May • Mai • Mayo 2023

    May • Mai • Mayo 2023

    Lots of news from Rayaworx in Santanyí – we wish you an inspiring May! • Viele Neuigkeiten von Rayaworx in Santanyí – wir wünschen euch einen inspirierenden Mai! • Muchas noticias desde Rayaworx en Santanyí – ¡te deseamos un mayo lleno de inspiración!

  • ‚Year In Year Out‘ with Rayaworx

    ‚Year In Year Out‘ with Rayaworx

    Are you doing a personal review of the year? We have a wonderful and at the same time simple method for you…

  • Coffee Nerds Workation: Winchester

    Coffee Nerds Workation: Winchester

    Last month we took a week off and spent a workation week in Winchester. We came across a mesmerising place with a person pursuing a fascinating passion…

  • See you at WEUCEU 2022 in Palma

    See you at WEUCEU 2022 in Palma

    Do you know Palma de Mallorca in September? It’s still sunny, but not too hot, the big tourist crowds have largely died down. Perfect month for the unconference on web development called Web Engineering Unconference Europe, short WEucEU. After a break due to the pandemic, it will start again this year at a new location.

  • 7 years Rayaworx Coworking Mallorca

    7 years Rayaworx Coworking Mallorca

    Rayaworx Coworking survived the darn seventh year In this blog post you can learn a lot about us and read answers to questions we have been asked, especially in the last few months. Many people have rediscovered coworking and our offer, as they can now choose a coworking space as a place to work in […]

  • Cybersecurity with Coworker Christine

    Cybersecurity with Coworker Christine

    We are very happy for Christine Deger about her current successes. ••• Wir freuen uns sehr mit Christine Deger über ihre aktuellen Erfolge. ••• Nos alegramos mucho por Christine Deger por sus éxitos actuales.

  • Coworking Santanyí 12/2021 ☆ 01/2022

    Coworking Santanyí 12/2021 ☆ 01/2022

    Am schönsten ist die Welt mit euch zusammen -`ღ´- El mundo es más bello contigo -`ღ´- The world is most beautiful together with you. ☆ Winterpause bis 10. Januar 2022

  • Mood Meter

    Mood Meter

    WAS SIND so genannte Mood Meter – wie unterstützen sie uns in der Online Moderation; nutze Stimmungsbarometer von Rayaworx. ••• QUÉ SON los llamados mood meter – cómo nos benefician en la moderación en línea; utilizar Mood Meter de Rayaworx. ••• WHAT ARE so-called mood meters – how do they benefit us in online moderation; […]

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