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Presales & Startups

I picked a topic for an online session that doesn’t seem to be related to coworking at first glance: Presales. A typical term in software sales. And it suits the first European Coworking Day, as many tech startups begin their business journey in a coworking environment. Now the call’s recording is available.

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10th of May

2023 marks the year of the 1st European Coworking Day. Coworking enthusiast Claudius Krucker from Switzerland presented the idea to the European Coworking Assembly, and it gained traction in November 2022. On May, 10th 2023 the distributed and crowdsourced event took place in 18 countries 80 locations celebrating coworking & community.

We participated as we did on former International Coworking Day campaign days. For us in Europe, the worldwide date of the event in August at the height of our summer holiday season was always difficult. We can then simply reach only a few people. For this reason, we very much welcome the initiative of Claudius, thank you!

European Coworking Day

For details about European Coworking Day visit

Presales – Startups – Coworking

Many freshly founded companies with a new technical product are located in Coworking Spaces and benefit from the atmosphere there. For the last eight years I also supported startups from our space here in Mallorca in presales – and that’s one reason for the session.

Startups are fun but also challenging and increasing the revenue is the priority goal if they want to establish themselves in the market. The technical sales or presales is a big part of that. It seems though that it is also considered a black art by many and it is also part of sales, which per se is often frowned upon by the tech crowd.

european coworking day

It is no black art though, it can be learned like other jobs, but it is the best job in the IT world if you asked me. And well paid.
And it can help to boost the sales numbers of your typical tech startup if done correctly.

Boost your Sales

Online session at European Coworking Day. During the Zoom call we went through the basics of B2B enterprise sales and where the sales engineer should be involved to be most effective. If you like to read up on that, here is the post in my School of Presales blog:

The essence is: A presales engineer can boost your sales numbers by being involved early in the sales cycle. This will help your startup to get a high lead conversionrate – more leads being turned into opportunities which then turn into revenue. There are some classical bumps in the road to success and presales can help to overcome them.

Recording of „Boost your Sales with Presales“: If you were not able to attend the call, watch the recorded video in our Youtube Channel.

Boost your Sales with Presales

Topics: ★ Presales is … ★ Standard approach ★ Early SE approach ★ Sales Goals (startups) ★ Obstacles in startups ★ Presales best practice ★ Important questions ★ Presales boost

Sales lingo

After the intro we went through some Q&A. This part of the session hast not been recorded. Surprisingly, this is where we found out, that the word presales may sometimes be misleading. One participant actually is doing the classic BDR work (Business Development Representative) – lead generation and pipeline building for a UK based startup. This work is done before sales gets into action, but not presales as such.

Still, he was happy about his participation. In the call I was able to give him some hints and tips about lead generation and how he can improve qualification. A sales engineer in a startup naturally works with the marketing and SDR teams and gives valuable feedback about the type of customers to look for hence he/she knows a little bit about that essential part of the sales cycle as well.

Join us: School of Presales

Exchange and networking are important to us. For you, too? Then join our School of Presales community (free to access) where newbies and experienced SEs meet, exchange, empower each other.

This journey will continue in the School of Presales – a venture founded by COWOXU Mallorca – the company offering consulting services as well as the coworking space Rayaworx in Santanyí, Mallorca.

Services tailored to your requirements. With School of Presales support you as a tech startup with workshops, master classes and individual coaching to reach your goals with your startup faster.

The School of Presales‘ online community offers a place to learn the basics for the job of a sales engineer as well as the mastery in disciplines such as

  • Evaluation
  • Product demo
  • Qualification
  • Discovery
  • Growing presales teams

You can do self-paced basic courses and also get access to advanced knowledge acquired in practice (paid offers):

School of Presales

(a Mighty Networks community run by COWOXU Mallorca)

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