Rural Coworking Across Europe




Rural Area Coworking in Europe

You are looking for examples of how coworking is developing in rural regions? Then you will find here a real treasure of experiences, insights and data from different countries in Europe. In May lots of thought leaders shared their insights at the online event „Rural Coworking across Europe“. These country reports were recorded: So you can benefit from these pan-european learnings.

I took the liberty to list the different speakers and the video timestamp for a more convenient access of the talks. Enjoy and be inspired!

More details about the event are listed here:

Rural Coworking across Europe: Live Stream Day 1


Rural Coworking – expert meeting to discuss the status quo in Europe – first day

Get access to the various country reports with these timestamps:

00:00:40 Welcome by Dr. Alexandra Schmid / Bertelsmann Stiftung
00:04:16 Where are you listening from with Johanna Voll / Moderation
00:05:35 Program introduction with Johanna Voll

Rural Coworking in Germany with Tobias Kremkau / CoWorkLand
Rural Coworking in Switzerland with Jenny Schäpper-Uster / Village Office
Rural Coworking in Norway with Torhild Andersen / Fabrikken & Sabine Larrieu / Blender Collective
Rural Coworking in Spain with Marco Navarro / CwororkingSpain
Rural Coworking in Italy with Mina Akhavan / Politecnico di Milano & Michele Lo Russo ItalianCoworking

01:41:42 Short Break

Status quo of rural coworking: Czechia with Vladan Hruška / Jan Evangelista Purkyně University & Marek Hartych / National Network of Local Action Groups of Czech Republic
Coworking and Coliving at the Lake Balaton, Hungary. From the idea to reality with Csaba Antal
Rural Coworking in Portugal – the more we share, the more we get with Ivone Cruz / linkcoworkbusiness
Rural Coworking in Greece with Fogi Mimi-Saltiel
Rural Coworking in Slovenia with José Antonio Morales

03:04:50 Closing remarks from Johanna Voll, Tobias Kremkau
03:07:12 Program outlook with Johanna Voll
03:08:56 Closing remarks by Alexandra Schmid

Rural Coworking across Europe: Live Stream Day 2


Rural Coworking – expert meeting to discuss the status quo in Europe – second day

Learn more about the workshops that took place on the second day of Rural Coworking across Europe:

00:00 Welcome and introduction with Johanna Voll

Wrap-up workshop „Success factors for rural coworking – How and what can Rural Coworking Spaces learn from each other?“ with Tobias Kremkau
Wrap-up workshop „What do we expect of an ideal support organization?“ with Johanna Voll
„Rural Coworking Network across Europe“* with José Antonio Morales

20:40 Closing remarks by Tobias Kremkau & Alexandra Schmid


* European Rural Coworking Project Beta 1.0

Illustration with event visual; videos and event: Bertelsmann Stiftung. Learn more about this organization here

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