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In April, we met Simone. „May I come visit your coworking space to learn more about your project and life in Santanyí“, she asked. Her fascination for our place brought her back to us some days later. We talked about lots of aspects for her blog Zebration, where she collects her inspiring moments while traveling.

Who and what is Zebration?

Simone accomplished a successful career, she worked many hours every week. Then she could not get one question out of her mind: What are my „Big Five for Life“ (John Strelecky).

Answering that, the initials of her five identified goals in life formed the word ZEBRA, combined with ‚inspiration‘ she came up with the blog’s name ZEBRATION. When Simone talked about her blog, the name sounded much like ‚celebration‘ to me – a wonderful double meaning for her blog project, I think.

In her posts Simone shares inspiration on how to „live a life full of positive moments“. She wants to encourage her readers to start designing their life, to become self-aware about their vocation in professional life and their passions that one wants to pursue more strongly.

Well, this sounds quite familiar to the effects of coworking with us in the tranquility of Mallorca’s southeast far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life…

Inspiration by Rayaworx Coworking Santanyí

I definitely like the intro to the interview Simone wrote in her blog post:

What happens when a communications expert meets an IT developer? Rayaworx.

When I read this line, I had to smile. If not us, then who would have started a coworking oasis in rural Mallorca? It suits us; in my professional life, I’m always exploring new digital opportunities before they become ‚mainstream‘ (see rural coworking across Europe).

In the recorded interview, we talk in detail with Simone about how the idea was formed to move to Mallorca and to found a coworking environment there. You may read her introduction to the interview in her blogpost:

Interview lifestyle inspiration: Coworking Space Rayaworx

Interview lifestyle inspiration: Coworking Space Rayaworx

FYI The interview is in German with English subtitles.

Thank you for your visit and interested questions, Simone! We are very excited to read about more inspiring examples on your blog.

Doris & Rainer Rayaworx

Enjoy some photos Simone took while staying at our place.

Photos: Simone /

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Interview with Zebration

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