Boost your Sales with Presales




Boost your Sales with Presales!

10.05.2023 / 13:00 – 14:00Zum Kalender hinzufügen / iCal


Online Event with Rainer Schuppe at European Coworking Day

On May, 10th we will celebrate Coworking with lots of other coworking communities in Europe: For the first time it’s European Coworking Day in 2023!

Different coworkers, different coworking communities = different events.

At Rayaworx we will offer an online event with Coworking Host and Presales Pro Rainer Schuppe. You will learn more about how to boost your sales with presales!

Presales engineers are the not-so-secret weapon in sales and it is simply the best job in IT there is. If you like a multifaceted role where you present, install, facilitate and sell software. Talk to high level management as well as hardcore developers and help both to understand what your software does for them.

Rainer will shed a light on an often undervalued role in start-ups and how this can be a fast way to increase the sales revenue drastically.

The talk is aimed at tech startups – so hop in if you are a founder, or tell tech startups in your space about the event.

🎉 Celebrate coworking with us 💯

Enlist here to get the link to the online gathering:

european coworking day

Illustration: DoSchu with plus banner provided by European Coworking Day initiative


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Boost your Sales with Presales

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