Millions of People needed




Millions of people needed to save the earth

Anne Marie Bonneau, who runs the blog ZeroWasteChef*, coined a wonderful sentence:

We don’t need a handful of people doing #zerowaste perfectly.
We need millions doing it imperfectly.

Anne-Marie Bonneau @zerowastechef

In order to find those millions of people who participate in reducing garbage and plastic, we used the space in front of our coworking space for the big autumn market Sa Fira in Santanyí.

lies her in DEUTSCHlea en ESPAÑOL

Lots of people pass by our location on their way to the market place through the old town gate Sa Porta Murada next to us. With some activities we got into talks to make people aware of how we all pay more attention to our environment.

Necesitamos Millones

On Manuel Bergmann’s* Instagram profile I stumbled upon an awesome photo of Anne Marie Bonneau’s quote: He took 16 photos in which people hold up cardboard signs with phrases of her quote. Wow! He quickly agreed that we do the same with the Spanish version in a similar way.

Thanks to Heike, Steffi and Werner we crafted signs that show the quote in Spanish. Not such an easy task. For the translation I was assisted by our supportive Ana, who helped to get the message across in Castellano, thank you, too!


Now it was time to talk to visitors of the Sa Fira and to take pictures with a part of the Spanish quote. At the same time we asked for a small donation, which we collected for the Save the Med Foundation.

Necesitamos Millones de Personas que hagan una Vida de Residuo cero de Manera imperfecta
Gracias! Dankeschön! Thank You!

Save the Med Foundation

Among many other activities, the Save the Med Foundation (formerly Ondine) regularly organizes beach clean-ups, participates in research projects and launched the Dos Manos project for schools. A very important initiative that I am happy to support. Save the Med would have loved to join us at Sa Fira Santanyí, but a beach clean-up took place the next day, and the volunteer capacities are limited.

Many thanks to Horst from our community, who baked a delicious orange cake for the fundraising and helped out in every other way.

Last Sunday we were able to hand over the collected donations to the organization during the beach clean-up at Playa Ciudad Jardín. They were very happy and say thank you very much to all!

Keep it up: avoding, clean-up, plogging

I wish that many small changes would spread like ripples in water. At this point, THANK YOU to everyone who picks up garbage thrown away on the beach or in the streets. Keep up the good work!

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Photos & Illustrations: Rayaworx CC BY-NC-ND (licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License)

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Millions of People needed

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