7 years Rayaworx Coworking Mallorca




7 Years Rayaworx Coworking

Rayaworx Coworking survived the darn seventh year

In this blog post you can learn a lot about us and read answers to questions we have been asked, especially in the last few months. Many people have rediscovered coworking and our offer, as they can now choose a coworking space as a place to work in addition to their home office.

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„Actually, it’s been ‚darn‘ years before, but the last two years in particular have been challenging,“ says Doris Schuppe, co-founder of the Rayaworx coworking space in southeast Mallorca (launched 25 May 2015). Together with her husband Rainer Schuppe, she runs the company COWOXU Mallorca S.L., which offers other services in addition to the coworking space.


Doris & Rainer • Rayaworx Coworking

What is coworking?

When professionals from different sectors – employed, freelance or self-employed – work together in one room and get to talk to each other: That is coworking. Unlike in an office community, in a coworking space the group of people who cowork there is more or less constantly changing.

Since summer 2009, Doris has been fascinated by how new forms of collaboration are found, cultivated and developed in coworking communities. In Munich, combinat56 in the Westschwabing district was her choice. Fittingly for the anniversary, combinat56 founder Sina Brübach-Schlickum and members of the Munich coworking community Bettina Sturm, Doris Schuppe, Maren Martschenko and Simone Naumann met at Rayaworx at the beginning of May.

Why coworking on the island Mallorca?

The sea is simply closer than in Munich, the two think. „As self-employed people, it is sometimes difficult to take time off, to go on holiday. We have been offering a solution for this for seven years,“ says Rainer. At least for those who can do their professional tasks via laptop, smartphone and internet. The Rayaworx in the pretty village of Santanyí has a high-performance fibre-optic connection.

The combination of work and holiday is called ‚workation‘.

„We have coworkers who take care of offers or customer queries while on holiday,“ says Doris. „Other coworkers come to the island with their families or friends. At Rayaworx, they work undisturbed and thus intensively – and then enjoy a lot of free time again.“

In May, after two years, a group of self-employed people finally visited Rayaworx again. Until then, the participants got to know each other purely virtually in a professional online community. At the workation, they deepened their contacts, learned from and with each other new things and things worth knowing for their business lives.

„In fact, I am very much in favour of naming this version of a workation ‚Learncation‘. This emphasises that it is about more than just getting things done,“ says Doris.

Why coworking in Santanyí?

Eight years ago, on holiday with an all-terrain-training for motorcyclists, there was a problem with Doris‘ business website – a good internet connection was needed. In Palma, there have long been coworking spaces that provide start-ups, freelancers or self-employed people with a professional framework. Such an offer was missing in the periphery.

So they drew up the concept for a coworking offer and discussed it with the long-time Mallorca residents of Mallorquin Bikes.

„The choice of location was not so easy for us,“ Doris admits. „The deciding factors were the ease of finding us and a village that shows a lively community even in the winter months. We are very happy with the people in our neighbourhood in Santanyí.“

In addition, there are vegetarian and vegan options, year-round two lively market days, an organic shop and plenty of galleries of local artists. On top of that, the ochre-coloured Santanyí stone on the facades of the houses conjures up a wonderful feel-good atmosphere, she thinks.

7 Jahre Rayaworx Coworking

View at night of Rayaworx in the centre of Santanyí

Why not coworking or workation on a finca?

„The combination of staying overnight and working on a finca as a coworking space is quite appealing,“ says Rainer. „There are a few reasons against it: firstly, the distracting soundscape of a pool, secondly, the quality of the onli  ne connection, thirdly, the uninterrupted power supply.“

On tours with Mallorquin Bikes, the two often heard that on a finca the quality of the internet connection can be a challenge. So can a good power supply – in Santanyí, even after a violent storm, it is restored within hours at the latest.

„Not to forget the immediate access to the infrastructure of a small town with gastronomy but also a stationery shop and post office, which can be decisive for business,“ Doris adds.

What has the pandemic meant for Rayaworx?

„A coworking space in rural areas beyond the big cities is always a challenge, no matter where it is started. We have therefore set ourselves up on two tracks,“ explains Rainer.

With its company COWOXU Mallorca S.L., the couple secures their income with various services in addition to the coworking space offer.

  • Rainer Schuppe – Application Performance Consultant • Computer Guy • Geek – is a sought-after freelance sales consultant for software technology.
  • Doris Schuppe – New Work Catalyst • Online Event Facilitator & Moderator – advises on tools and methods for virtual collaboration; she also develops seminars, conferences or barcamps into digital event formats.

Previously, Rayaworx endured several relaunches of the coworking community, as especially in the periphery the influences on tourism are enormous. One example was the absence of many winter guests after a well-known airline disappeared from the market.

„For our coworking community it was a complete change at that time, similar to what is happening now with the pandemic,“ Doris says. „So I set up a video conference the weekend before the lockdown and invited everyone to virtually cowork with us.“

That helped to walk together through the time of curfew and uncertainty, to stay in touch. Because coworking is more than just an office to work in – here community and networking are part of it. Both Doris Schuppe’s regular ‚Online Salon‘ and the virtual coworking community she helps to run have emerged from the virtual space of networking.

Have Doris & Rainer ever regretted their move?

Many years ago, the couple was looking for a combination of relaxation & work.

„We found that for ourselves, plus lots of culture and art scene around us,“ says Doris happily. „And we make it possible for others to try it out comfortably themselves: relax & work = Rayaworx.“

Doris & Rainer Rayaworx
Doris & Rainer • #RelaxAndWork Rayaworx


About Rayaworx

Since 25 May 2015, the company COWOXU Mallorca, S.L. has been offering a boutique coworking space for flexible use for residents and workationists under the brand Rayaworx. In the pretty town of Santanyí in Mallorca’s southeast, space for individuals or groups can be booked at Rayaworx. COWOXU Mallorca S.L. was founded in September 2014 and is based in Santanyí / Spain. The owners are digital pioneers Doris Schuppe & Rainer Schuppe, previously based in Munich.


Photos: Simone Naumann, https://simone-naumann.com

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Doris & Rainer Rayaworx Mallorca
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