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Rayaworx Coworking Space Poem

The four Advent candles inspired us to write a poem in four verses. Every week we light a rhyme candle here in the blog and on our Social Media profiles. We will be happy if you enjoy it.

The Advent Sundays are a wonderful time at the end of each year to look back on the past months. With candlelight we bring warm brightness into the dark winter weeks of the northern hemisphere. A time that can be contemplative to meet with friends and family. A time to prepare for the turn of the year…

Coworking Space Poem • ONE

Illustration advent poetry first candle

ONE busy coworker,
likes to work with fun,
lightens up the cowork space
to get the workload done!

* * *
Part 1/4
by Doris & Rainer / @rayaworx

Coworking Space Poem • TWO

Illustration advent poetry two candles

TWO smart coworkers,
building up a team,
they have fun and work with joy
and lots of selfesteem!

* * *
Part 2/4
by Doris & Rainer / @rayaworx

Coworking Space Poem • THREE

Illustration advent poetry three candles

THREE ambitious coworkers,
get into the flow,
if you dare to visit them
prepare for skills to grow!

* * *
Part 3/4
by Doris & Rainer / @rayaworx

Coworking Space Poem • FOUR

Illustration advent poetry four candles

FOUR sparkling coworkers,
make the space so bright,
they share ideas and give support
to everyone’s delight!

* * *
Part 4/4
by Doris & Rainer / @rayaworx

Illustration: DoSchu / Rayaworx

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Coworking Space Poem

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