Pop-Up Art Space

You are looking for a unique and vibrant space to showcase and sell your artwork?

Pop-Up Art Space • Rudi Neuland
Artwork by Rudi Neuland

Present your work the flexible way

The solution: Reserve the spacious entry hall of Rayaworx Coworking to transform it into your flexible art showroom (Alarm-secured, heated, Wifi). In Santanyí with two days of market a week all year round: Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Pop-Up Art Space • Shobhana Tyroller
Artwork by Shobhana Tyroller

Feature your work in a prime location

The Pop-Up Art Space is centrally located at the inner city gate, ensuring that your artwork will be seen by a wide audience of art enthusiasts and potential collectors. A perfect place to catch the attention of passersby and draw them into the world of your creative endeavors.

Pop-Up Art Space • Shobhana Tyroller
Artwork by Shobhana Tyroller

Be part of Santanyi’s hub for creativity, connection, and collaboration.

In close cooperation with you, we will reach out to local publications and invite members of the community to special events and openings. We’ll actively support you in promoting your exhibition through our social media channels. During your booking period, you are part of the coworking community and can also benefit from our coworking amenities. Work with us to ensure that your creations get the attention they deserves.

Rayaworx Pop-Up Art Space
Rayaworx • Pl. Porta Murada

Let your artwork shine in the heart of Santanyi

30 sqm for a monthly rate starting at 780 € + IVA

Contact Rayaworx host Doris to discuss your exhibition ideas!

(artists only)

We look forward to seeing your art.

Pop-Up Art Space • Shobhana Tyroller
Artwork by Shobhana Tyroller

Fotos: Rayaworx; Artworks: Shohbana Tyroller / Rudi Neuland

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