How to give a great talk

We spent – again – a great time with the folks at Web Engineering Unconference Europe in Palma last September! Each year the community gathering in Palma de Mallorca is full of positive vibes, of encouraging and enabling. Like supporting participants to give their first talk or to host their first session. Learn to be a speaker – at unconferences We should hold that in very high esteem. Where do we have the opportunity to try out ourselves as speakers in our professional environment? The more specialized our expertise becomes, the more important the exchange of knowledge from person to person becomes. I ask many people coworking with us to give a session answering questions in an Ask Me Anything session about their specific professional field – but most times they do not feel comfortable about this. „I can’t do that like you“, they say. And so I keep telling them, that I also had to overcome my fears at the beginning. Looking back, I am personally very happy that… I was working with a sponsoring boss in my early career. She pushed me to the stage because I was better at explaining the Internet and online services than she … How to give a great talk weiterlesen